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Triple eccentric butterfly valve features

发布时间:2018-07-16     来源:艾德威尔•瑞拓
Triple eccentric butterfly valve is widely used in medium temperature of 425 ℃ or less, metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, water supply and drainage, and municipal construction and other industrial pipelines, used to adjust flow cutoff and body. Materials: cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, its main features are:
API specifications
As is known to all, API609 has actually become an international specification for valves used in important industrial pipelines. Tritec is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the latest 1997 version of API609 specifications. More valuable is the basic design are not limited to, Tritec API is a specification, BS5155 ANSI B 16.34, ASME SEC VIII specifications can correspond, this ensures that Tritec in all industrial sectors have nowhere to go.
Double safety structure
Tritec API609 specifications in strict accordance with the requirements, in order to prevent caused by the influence of fluid pressure, temperature of butterfly plate deformation, dislocation of stem, seal face occlusion, the butterfly plate up and down side respectively equipped with two separate thrust ring, thus ensuring the normal operation of the valve under any conditions;
At the same time, in order to prevent stem damage caused by unknown reason, the accidents caused by flying out, both inside and outside the valve the bottom two designed independently stem fly out to prevent institutions, it also from the side ensures Tritec pressure level can be up to 2500 pounds.
Dead zone design

Tritec considered in the design process, especially the application in the field of control problem, make full use of the sealing principle of triple eccentric butterfly valve, do butterfly plate don't scrape the seat when the valve switch, valve stem torque by butterfly plate passed directly to the sealing surface, that is to say, almost no friction occurs between the butterfly plate and valve seat, thus put an end to the open valve when common jump phenomena, the eradication of the low opening scope of valve internal friction caused by all kinds of unstable factors such as regulation cannot phenomenon, namely the eradication of the dead zone (belt), which means Tritec can from almost zero From the beginning of opening degree, it can enter the adjustable area, up to 90 degrees, its normal control ratio is more than 2 times of the normal butterfly valve, and the maximum control ratio can be up to 100:1. This for Tritec used as control valve to create a good condition, especially in the large diameter, the cost of the cut-off valve is extremely high, in addition, the cut-off valve can't achieve zero leakage, in need of emergency shut off the side, must be in the cut-off valve during install shutoff valves, and Tritec regulation and shut off at a suit, its economic benefit is very considerable.

triple eccentric butterfly valve

Body seat construction
There are two kinds of seat installation structures for triple eccentric butterfly valve, most of which are installed on the butterfly plate for convenience, but Tritec adopts the body seat structure and installs the seat on the body. Its advantage is that compared with the butterfly valve seat, it greatly reduces the opportunity for the seat to directly contact the media, thus reducing the degree of erosion of the seat and extending the service life of the seat.
Thin-laminated seat construction
Tritec seat made of stainless steel sheet with graphite flake cascade, this structure can effectively prevent the influence of the medium small solids and thermal expansion may cause damage to the sealing surface of the bite, even a tiny, also won't produce leakage, which for the double eccentric butterfly valve or other triple eccentric butterfly valve is unthinkable.
Replaceable sealing pair
Tritec sealing pair is unique, not only body seat can be replaced, but due to the disc sealing surface is independent with butterfly plate, the butterfly plate sealing surface can also can be replaced, that is to say when the butterfly plate sealing surface is damaged, don't have the selectmen valve back to manufacturers or heavily decomposition, simply change the disc sealing surface, which not only greatly reduces the maintenance cost, but also greatly reduces the maintenance time and maintenance intensity with difficulty.
Equilibrium fixed structure
From the triple eccentric butterfly valve sealing surface shape characteristics, Tritec seal fixed way adopted bolt elliptic distribution of fixed, not only the positioning precision, but also makes every bolt balanced force, to eliminate the stress distribution and the seal is loose, leakage.
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